Customer Testimonials

We love hearing how much your LMJ piece means to you, its the stories of our customers that brings our work to life.  If you have purchased a piece of LMJ in the past we would love to hear how you feel about it! Simply follow this link to fill out a short survey, and earn a little something special for yourself!

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Aliza P.

Absolutely the best possible experience making a custom engagement ring. I searched all over to find a jeweler to make a gender neutral style engagement ring - Liza got it and made something better than I could have imagined! She took all my thoughts and put together a stunning ring in just a couple of months. Liza was also such a gem and answered every question I had during the process. We did the design all over email/facetime.

Marissa R.

Honestly, we should have an option to leave ten stars. Liza was an absolute angel to work with. She was able to take years and years of ideas and turn them into a totally unique ring in the span of a few months. She crafted me a three piece wedding set and a wedding band for my future husband and we are both thrilled with our end result. It's been over a month now and I still find myself staring at my ring, in awe that such an amazing work of art belongs to me.
Reasonable prices and a great turnout. I 100% loved my experience with Liza from start to finish and am already plotting how to get my next piece.
Thank you Liza!!!!

Mandy P.

Here are just a few of the compliments your future fiancé, partner, or friend, can expect once you work with Liza and purchase one of her amazing pieces:
“Your ring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” , “Oh my god- THAT RING,” , “I have never seen anything like that- it’s stunning!” , “Is that an heirloom?Where do I get one?!” , “WOW- that setting looks so unique and so comfortable,”
So, if you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry that is both timeless and modern, wearable, ethical, and designed by a kickass female artist and entrepreneur, then look no further.
I am beyond proud of be part of the LMJ family, and I have no doubt that you will be, too.

Cameron W.

Out of all the trials and tribulations of weddings, working with Liza was definitely a high point! She is easy to work with and caring. Many of the transactions leading up to wedding day are just that - transactions. This was not the case with Liza. She truly cares for her clients and the person you want in your corner when it comes to crafting something you will cherish for the rest of your life. My wife and I both had family heirlooms and worked closely with her to create some kick-ass rings! Our deepest thanks, Liza!

Chad F.

I had curved wooden engagement rings built for my wife and I – which are super awesome – but not intended to be worn daily as they wouldn’t hold up. My wife really liked the crater design that Liza offers, and the fact that she is a local small business owner and accomplished jeweler made it a no-brainer, so we made an appointment to meet her. I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never cared much about jewelry – but Liza made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process! I chose a rose gold crater band in 8mm and my wife had 3mm and 4mm rings made of yellow gold, one with amethyst and the other with one of her aunt’s diamonds. Liza. Can. Do. Anything. in gold! Quick turnaround. And we feel great that she is using properly sourced raw materials. We are beyond satisfied with our rings, and always get comments from people on how they’ve never seen anything like that. A+.

Sara L.

Liza was wonderful to work with for our custom wedding bands! We came in not knowing exactly what we wanted, and less than two months from the wedding. She was super kind, and was able to translate our ideas and produce beautiful pieces, using recycled and sustainable materials while still offering a fair price! I got a twig ring made from a twig we found on a hike together, and my husband was able to get special lyrics from our first dance inscribed in his ring.
If you want to support a local jeweler, create your family's next heirloom, or just want an awesome piece of jewelry-head to LMJ!

Justin W.

Liza did an amazing job designing an engagement ring and wedding band for my fiancee. We came in with vague ideas and left with a beautiful ring that really represents us individually. Liza is a very skilled metalworker/jeweler and was able to melt down two heirloom rings and use the materials to make our new rings.

We also had an great time working with her and collaborating on a design. Her Ohio City studio was like a little oasis for us during our hectic days filled with work and wedding planning. I couldn't recommend Liza more highly!

Jamie D.

We consulted with Liza and she helped us design our engagement ring. We wanted something unique and she guided us through the process. Liza helped us pick out a beautiful stone. She communicated well with us throughout the process and was lovely to work with. It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy with our ring! It was great to find such a skilled local artist and we highly recommend her.

Becky W.

Liza is amazing! She secretly worked with my now husband and dad to reuse the gold from my father’s wedding band to create both my engagement ring and my husband’s ring! A year later and I’m still obsessed with my one of a kind ring, and our custom bands. Also, I travel a lot and my ring passes the “napping while sitting up and resting my face on my fist” test. She’s a delight to work with and we’ll cherish our rings forever!


Liza is incredibly gifted at her craft, a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone.



Liza did a fantastic job producing an engagement ring. We worked through several designs and she delivered on the appropriate one when she said she would deliver. She even went a bit farther to make some last minute adjustments before I left town. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking a one of a kind piece!



We commissioned Liza Michelle to create our wedding bands. Her work was perfect. She spent time with us to truly understand what we wanted. She completed the work in a timely manner and allowed us to worry about anything other than the rings. Pardon the pun, but our rings were in good hands. We felt as though a friend had created these beautiful pieces of jewelry. We highly recommend Liza Michelle.



Liza created my husband's engagement ring (I get one, so he should too I thought!). She interpreted the meaning I sought to imbue the piece with so elegantly- the details I desired were subtle and meaningful to us, and I really do feel that it is captured in the ring he wears everyday. I also find that knowing that his piece was made carefully and skillfully by hands that care about its story, about simple beauty, and about responsibility make that ring even more special. Liza is part of our story now too, and I am thankful for it.



Liza Michelle Jewelry is some of the finest craftswomanship I have seen. Liza Michelle worked with me to take precious family heirlooms and sentimental pieces and combine them with gifted gemstones in a stunning, unique piece that is a new family heirloom that reflects my personality as well as my memories.