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Liza is incredibly gifted at her craft, a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone.



Liza did a fantastic job producing an engagement ring. We worked through several designs and she delivered on the appropriate one when she said she would deliver. She even went a bit farther to make some last minute adjustments before I left town. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking a one of a kind piece!



We commissioned Liza Michelle to create our wedding bands. Her work was perfect. She spent time with us to truly understand what we wanted. She completed the work in a timely manner and allowed us to worry about anything other than the rings. Pardon the pun, but our rings were in good hands. We felt as though a friend had created these beautiful pieces of jewelry. We highly recommend Liza Michelle.



Liza created my husband's engagement ring (I get one, so he should too I thought!). She interpreted the meaning I sought to imbue the piece with so elegantly- the details I desired were subtle and meaningful to us, and I really do feel that it is captured in the ring he wears everyday. I also find that knowing that his piece was made carefully and skillfully by hands that care about its story, about simple beauty, and about responsibility make that ring even more special. Liza is part of our story now too, and I am thankful for it.



Liza Michelle Jewelry is some of the finest craftswomanship I have seen. Liza Michelle worked with me to take precious family heirlooms and sentimental pieces and combine them with gifted gemstones in a stunning, unique piece that is a new family heirloom that reflects my personality as well as my memories.



"I love it. Great weight and developing a nice patina. Perfect for when I am drinking alone."



"I've received Liza Michelle Jewelry as gifts and I adore each perfectly unique piece. "
"Every time I've encountered Liza at a show she's absolutely delightful, so passionate about her craft, and kind."



"I love it! I like that it's different from what you can find at any major retailer and I'm unlikely to see too many other people with the same piece.






"Love it! It is my go-to necklace"



"I love them all. I frequently get compliments on each piece. Liza Michelle's jewelry is very versatile. "