We all love shopping online, but sometimes you want try something on, or get a closer look at the details that make each piece so special.  That's why this year LMJ will begin hosting private shopping events, trunk shows, and parties! 

Private Shopping Events

Have a birthday or special occasion coming up? Whether shopping for yourself, or creating a meaningful shopping experience for someone you love, LMJ wants to help you celebrate! LMJ invites you to our Ohio City studio to sip some wine, peruse some jewels, and hang out with Sophie the studio kitty! 


Trunk Shows

Are you a brick and mortar looking for event partners?  Are you wondering if LMJ is a good fit for your location? We love our retailers, and would love to come into your world for a special event! Whether you're looking for a test run of LMJ goods with your clientele, or want to add a bit of sparkle to your special event, LMJ provides professional and personalized trunk show experiences for our partners.  Get in touch today to discuss all the possibilities! 

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