Demeter Neckpiece in Recycled Sterling Silver

Demeter Neckpiece in Recycled Sterling Silver


Carefully planned, skillfully built, intentionally finished, all by hand. 

Our CRATER Collection is inspired by a love of texture and a fascination with all things lunar-inspired.  Designed by a fierce woman, intended for powerful individuals.  Each piece has been hand carved in wax and cast in solid, 100% recycled bronze or sterling silver. 

This silver statement necklace has double sided texture that feels luxurious to the touch.  Dangling from the half moon edge are three totally one of a kind cast leaves, evoking a beauitufl marraige of cesetial power and the fragile nature of our green earth.  Picked fresh from right outside our studio, these leaves have the most beautiful texture and feel.  Each leaf is unique but similar to its sisters as it comes from the same tree. You won't receive the exact leaves pictured, but you will get a neckpiece totally unique to you!  The pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain of 32 inches, with a small moonstone at its closure.  This necklace does not have a clasp, and is meant to be slipped over the head.  

Width | 2.25" 

Materials | 100% Recycled Sterling Silver + Moonstone

Chain | 32"

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