Petite Achelois Necklace in Sterling Silver + Silk

Petite Achelois Necklace in Sterling Silver + Silk


Carefully planned, skillfully built, intentionally finished, all by hand. 

Our CRATER Collection is inspired by a love of texture and a fascination with all things lunar-inspired.  Designed by a fierce woman, intended for powerful individuals.  Each piece has been hand carved in wax and cast in solid, 100% recycled bronze or sterling silver. 

This sweet silver necklace features our mid size half moon pendant on 100% silk cording- 18" long. The hook and eye clasp is securely fastened and allows for easy clasping.  This pendant is available in three different colored silks. 

Width | 1" 

Materials | 100% Recycled Sterling Silver + 100% Natural Silk

Cord | 18"

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