LMJ Bridal Series:: Loretta + Patrick

Loretta and Patrick came in to design Loretta’s engagement ring last year, knowing they wanted something simple and everyday wearable, with sustainable and ethical values.


We landed on a sleek tapered rose gold band with a flush set moissanite.

Patrick proposed at on a dark and stormy night at Huntington Beach where we went to look at the huge waves from high winds in October of 2018. We were all along on the beach, the sand whipping our faces and there was only moon light which made the diamond glitter when he pulled it out of his pocket. I designed my engagement ring so I knew he was going to ask soon and I was starting to get suspicious, which was getting annoying because every time we were out and it was a romantic moment, I’d ask “Are you doing it now?” When he did actually ask, I was surprised.
— Loretta on how and when Patrick proposed
The night Patrick proposed to Loretta!

The night Patrick proposed to Loretta!

happily ever after - Loretta Neal.jpg

They met on OkCupid just a few days before Loretta was set to move from Austin to Denver. They met over drinks to about acupuncture, Patrick’s career. Loretta said their greatest adventure so far was moving across country together in a Uhaul to start their life in Cleveland.

I was thrilled when they stopped in to have a ring designed for Patrick. And even more so when Loretta got back to me with what she wanted engraved inside…… “Forever Fuckface”

I died laughing! I love a good inside joke, a bit of humor and and the occasional profanity. Little did I know it would be so difficult to find a jeweler that would actually engrave a cuss word!

When it came time to engrave Patrick’s ring with a sarcastic profane nickname, Liza persevered through four different engravers when the first three refused to engrave profanity. What’s the world coming too?
— -Loretta on the delay with getting Patrick's ring engraved due to some very prudish engravers!

On her experience working with me, Loretta said,

I knew exactly what I wanted and no commercial store could really understand that I wanted a small diamond that didn't stick up at all so it was a relief when we found Liza and she totally got it. We were so happy to support a local artist who is making ethical jewelry AND had a cute studio kitty cat.

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IMG_5167 - Loretta Neal.jpeg

Here’s a list of the vendors they used for their wedding:

Neha Joshi of Ask Neha Now was our wedding planner. Ultra Missions Paddleboard Tours provided Sunday paddle board experience. Blackbird Bakery supplied sunday brunch pastries. We rented the Sycamore Picnic Pavilion from the Cleveland MetroParks. Mission BBQ in Parma catered our reception. Silver Fox florist in Westlake did a great job on our bouquets and boutonnières. We had a great time at the reception which was held at the w25th street Mitchell's Ice Cream party room on the second floor where we had an ice cream sundae bar for dessert instead of a cake. Parties To Go in Lorain supplied the audio equipment for our live musicians. Sportsplex delivered chairs and linens.