Tucson Part 1 - Walking The Gem Shows + My Haul!

Where does one even begin, after spending three packed days wandering the halls of convention centers, tents, motels, and the streets of Tucson scouring for gemstones, crystals and other treasures. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement, though I loved every minute of treasure hunting.

I set out on my trip with a few goals in mind. I knew I had to source a few specific stones, to do some recon on new gemstones I want to work with, and find new vendors and stone cutters to broaden my resources. I achieved all that and more, and probably spent a bit more than I meant too, (but like, duh…).

Here are a few of the stones I found and what I’m really excited about!!


These are Turquoise Mountain from the Mojave region of Arizona. I loved how vibrant these are!


These are Golden Hill turquoise from Kazakstan. I had not seen this type before and I was struck by the pale blue and dramatic matrix to these. I love all the U.S. mined turquoise I work with, but discovering different mines from all over the world is so exciting!


My beloved sapphires!! I truly didn’t need any more of these, but couldn’t help myself when I saw these guys. They are giving me some serious 70’s color vibes!


Tanzanite was high on my list to pick up while out there. I have a source I can get it from throughout the year, but I like to hand pick the tanzanite because it can be cut quite thin, or not have the luminescence I like. These are so special, and are just some of what I picked up!

Here’s some shots from my time walking the shows!