Big Birthday's At LMJ!

LMJ turns FIVE this month!! And I just so happen to have a big birthday myself….the big three-oh! In honor of my birthday and the anniversary of creating this business, I invited Courtney from Fleeting Fox Photography into the studio to take some shots of me working and the studio itself.

It’s been so incredible growing up with this business the last five years. Starting a creative company at 25 is no small feat, but I knew I was up to the challenge, and ultimately it saved my life. I do not deny the trials and tribulations of running a jewelry company, but the joys and personal growth far outweigh all the long nights, self doubts, and financial instability.

Honestly, I started this business as a last resort. I had been laid off my job, there were no opportunities for jewelers in my town outside of soul crushing commercial bench work, and I needed to make money to keep food in my belly and a roof over my head. But it grew into something so much more powerful. Creating jewelry for all humans has been my mission and its blossomed into a movement within myself. Its so empowering and uplifting to give underserved individuals the opportunity to express themselves with ethical, socially and eco conscious wares. Keep scrolling to see me in my favorite place in the world, LMJ Headquarters.