Engagement Rings, One for Him, One for Her

I love when couples create their own traditions and way of doing things. 

Jordan and Logan knew they wanted to create engagement rings for one another, what they didn't realize is they both picked LMJ to design them! 

I met Logan and Jordan in Philadelphia at an art show.  They were casually browsing for wedding jewelry and I just so happened to have a small collection of gold baubles for them to look at. I sent them off with well wishes and a business card or two.  Just a few weeks later Logan reached out first, looking for a unique and modern ring for his bride to be. We ended up taking one of my existing designs and re-working it in white gold to create a gorgeous monochromatic heirloom piece. 

A white gold pebble band featuring a rose cut white sapphire and grey natural diamond.

A white gold pebble band featuring a rose cut white sapphire and grey natural diamond.

Jordan then reached out and together we designed a darkened white gold pebble band with sapphires and black spinel for her groom to be. 

She had this to say about the process:

The ring is a combination of things we’d discussed with each other about taste and our likes. Blue is an important color and theme in his life along with our mutual appreciation for black stones. It was important to me that he feel comfortable with the stones in his ring without feeling a pressure to wear diamonds specifically. We both knew that we wanted you to make our wedding bands but we left ourselves alone to make decisions about each other’s engagement rings. We discovered by happy surprise that we’d both also decided to work with you on these projects as well.
— Jordan

Needless to say, the final products were a beautiful collaboration between the client and LMJ, and perfectly speak to the unique and wonderful love they share.  They mutually proposed over the Christmas holiday and sent along these ADORABLE photos from their "engage-macation"


Here's to many happy years together!