50th Wedding anniversary gift in gold!

More stories from the studio about a commission from earlier this year. I had the pleasure of working with my Great Uncle David on a 50th wedding anniversary for my Great Aunt Josie.

My great Uncle Dave came to me to help design a pendant for his wife's 50th anniversary gift.  Being the gold anniversary, he knew he wanted yellow gold incorporated into the design, along with the heart shape and perhaps a stone.  I sent along some initial sketches and off we went!  Dave found a particular stone, Gold Quartz, and knew he wanted it incorporated into the design.  Once i had all these puzzle pieces I started to put together some sketches.

Hearts aren't my typical motif, but knowing that he also loved the look of my handmade leaves, I designed a few options to choose from.

We ended up going with the top design, the leaf in 14kt yellow gold, and the gold quartz making up the second half of the heart.

Gold quartz is quite literally, the presence of gold found naturally in quartz deposits.  It is quite hard to find, especially in such a specific shape.  After a few months of searching I finally found the perfect fit!

We then ironed down the text for the back of the pendant and I was off to the studio to create this one of a kind piece!

One of my favorite parts of this commission was documenting the whole process so that my uncle could create a presentation of sorts when he gave her the pendant.  On their 50th wedding anniversary he gave her the finished piece and she absolutely loved it!

My uncle had this to say about his experience...

I was at a loss for what to do for my wife on our 50th anniversary. But when were visiting Liza's Mom and Dad, we were talking about Liza's business. The first idea that came to me was that it would be cool to have something made by a family member. After Liza agreed to work on the project, she was great in adding creativity in the back and forth emails that resulted in the perfect final product. My wife loves it!!!!!!!

It's always such an honor to work on special projects like this one.  It meant so much more that I could work with a family member to create a lasting memory!

I can't wait to share my next story, but for now check out my recently updated customs page with recent bespoke jewelry!