Twig Cross Necklaces- How A jog through the park inspired a meaningful gift

Since starting this business, it's been the stories and impact of my clients and pieces that are the real value in my work.  Starting this week I'll be sharing the stories behind my incredible clients and their custom projects. 

I remember meeting Rebecca years ago at my first Cleveland Flea.  Just recently she got in touch for a very meaningful set of bespoke twig crosses.  I asked her to share the story of why she had these commissioned, and the meaning behind these beautiful necklaces, this is what she said:::

Someone who is very dear to me is in the military and will be deployed overseas in the fall. I wanted to give him something special to symbolize that I was praying for him and that he would be safe and protected. The idea of a cross came to me during a run in the Metroparks. I then remembered you and how you made jewelry out of twigs. So, I gathered some from alongside a trail that I have run with him and that always brings me peace and comfort...this particular section of the trail is stunningly beautiful and reminds me that if God can create such natural beauty, surely He can take care of everything that I worry about. I wanted each of us to have a little piece of this reminder that we could wear, no matter where we are in the world or how far apart.

The bespoke twig crosses, in solid sterling silver.

The bespoke twig crosses, in solid sterling silver.

To say I teared up reading her response is an understatement.  I haven't been personally impacted by a loved one being in the military, but feel an immense sense of thankfulness and support for those that protect our way of life, especially in these turbulent times.  I never anticipated the level of connection and emotion that making work like this makes me feel. 

I am endlessly thankful that my work connects me to such thoughtful and incredible individuals.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next installment of LMJ Stories!