A story of how we came to name our twig line.....

When I first launched our twig line of jewelry I was so extremely proud that I could represent our city in a beautiful and abstract way.  I wanted to some how convey that these pieces were made in and from Cleveland.  That's what led to my naming each piece after a street in Ohio City.  

It's not uncommon to see me wandering the streets of Ohio City gazing up at the trees.  I am constantly looking towards the sky in hopes of finding that perfect twig to turn into a LMJ piece. That's how I knew it would be more than appropriate to name the jewelry after the very streets it came from.  

Next time you're walking down the street, pay attention.  Look at the little things you usually miss. The tiny nuts and bolts that make up our beautiful city.  Simple detritus, when you really look at it, isn't always the rubbish you take it for.