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The Designer


Liza Michelle

Liza Michelle Jewett Rifkin is the creative force behind her eponymous brand of handcrafted fine jewelry and objects. Deeply moved by Mother Nature's ephemeral beauty, the work is driven by the act of taking notice. Casting natural objects in solid metal, LMJ captures their essence and beauty at the moment they are most fragile, creating an object that will last a lifetime.  It's this approach that ensure's the collection's inimitability.  In our newest collection, Liza draws inspiration from the moon and other celestial beings to create a uniquely textured landscape.  Utilizing shapes reminiscent of planets and their orbits, the work creates a bold statement for anyone looking to the skies for inspiration. 

Liza, who founded LMJ in 2013, takes pride in the collection's workmanship and one of a kind nature.  Every piece passes through her hands in her Ohio City studio, and is imbued with the story of her clients, her process, and her commitment to the finest workmanship and environmental sustainability. 


The Studio