Carefully planned, skillfully built, intentionally finished, all by hand

The Artist

                   Hi, I'm Liza Michelle, the designer and jeweler behind LMJ. Inspired by slow living and the act of taking notice, I start most of my days with a walk around the neighborhood with my pup Theo.  I'm often looking for twigs, pine cones, and other natural objects to use in my work, along with the succulents I grow and propagate myself. I'm infinitely inspired by mother nature, and the beauty and diversity that she creates. 

                  To emulate nature's boundless creativity, I cast each object I find in solid sterling silver, gold, or bronze.  This creates an exact replica of the item, ensuring every LMJ design is one of a kind. I love the excitement my customers experience when they discover their favorite twig or succulent that they can wear everyday.

Handcrafted Quality

Why support handmade? There are tons of reason to support small, handmade business.  When you choose LMJ you choose..

  • Jewelry handcrafted by my own two hands, in my Cleveland, OH studio
  • Sustainable jewelry made with 100% recycled metals, conflict free gemstones, and green studio practices
  • Innovative and unique designs you can only find here
  • Thoughtfully crafted goods with quality I stand behind
  • Excellent customer service with a personal touch

Future Heirloom

Every piece of LMJ is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail.  As a consumer I appreciate items that are made to be well used and to last.  Every piece I create is intended to be worn regularly, and last generations.  I'm confident your LMJ piece will bring happiness and beauty for generations to come!